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An Almost Merry Xmas Mashup for 2023

It’s the 1st of December! And to celebrate the 103rd episode of The HYBRID Author podcast, we have an almost merry Xmas mashup of some of the past podcast guests since June. This includes:

Episode 79 Marketing Advertising for Authors with Prolific Crime Thriller Writer Phillip Strang

Episode 80 Brock Swinson on ‘Ink by The Barrel, Secrets From Prolific Writers’

Episode 81 Chenee Marrapodi ‘The Dos and Don’ts of a Debut Author’

Episode 82 Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) in Writers with Award Winning Children’s Author Meg McKinlay

Episode 83 Dr. Aparna Baruah on Women Leading the Way

Episode 84 Writing Metaphor With Children’s Author Molly Fernandes

Episode 85 Intuitive Somatic Mentor and Award Winning Non-Fiction Author Stacey Webb on Limiting Beliefs in Authorship

Episode 86 A Body of Work With Award Winning Young Adult Author AJ Betts

Episode 87 Small Press Author Process with Children’s Author Jen Sherrington and Wild Eyed Press Publisher Leanne White

Episode 88 Breaking into Screenwriting with Children’s Author and Screenwriter Kathryn Lefroy

Episode 89 Presenting to Kids with Nat Amoore and Cathie Tasker

Episode 90 Signing Your Second Book Deal With Children’s Picture Book Author Jevita Nilson

Episode 91 Your HYBRID Author Profile and How to Build Balance Sustaining a HYBRID Author Career with me, host Joanne Morrell, author of children’s and young adult fiction, women’s fiction and short non fiction for authors.


This episode is proudly sponsored by Nicole Webb Book Publicity Services. Helping authors find their audience through lateral thinking and creating an individual media strategy tailored to each author and their book to achieve the best results.

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