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A Mid-year Mashup of all the Rest of the Guests From the Beginning of 2024

We’ve hit 132 episodes of The HYBRID Author Podcast! And to celebrate, here’s a mashup of the rest of the guests who have appeared on the podcast since March:

Episode 120 Built-in Book Marketing with Non-Fiction Author Anna Featherstone

Episode 121 Twenty Years of Publishing and Book Consultancy in New York City With Malka Margolies

Episode 122 Actionable Strategies and Tips for Authors Marketing and Selling Books with Smart Author Media Book Marketing Expert Chris Benetti

Episode 123 Using Your Experiences to Connect With Your Audience With Children’s Author and Autistic/ADHDer Psychologist Chelsea Luker

Epispde 124 How a Book Succeeds in Making the Reader ‘The Fourth Character’ via Immersive Writing in Travel Memoir

Episode 125 Navigating Life’s Complexities and Applying Them in Writing with Non-Fiction Author Liz Long

Episode 126 Just Write For Kids Picture Book ‘Our Australian HeART’ With Front Cover Illustrator and Picture Book Author and Artist Rachael Robertson

Episode 127 Setting up as a Micropublisher Through Print on Demand (POD) With Author and Screenwriter Les Zig

Episode 129 TikTok Tips for Authors with Fantasy Author Renee Hayes

Episode 130 ‘Right Way Down Collating a Work of Children’s Poetry for Traditional Publication With Rebecca Newman and Sally Murphy

Episode 131 What to do and Not to do Hybrid Publishing With Non-Fiction Christian Author Noah Asher


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