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Navigating Life’s Complexities and Applying Them in Writing with Non-Fiction Author Liz Long

Always believing her brain lacked the essential organisation for success, a formal diagnosis at age 58 for Liz Long challenged this belief, offering a new vantage point where being different was not a flaw but an elevated perspective, becoming the cornerstone of her evolving self-understanding.

Now, at the forefront of mental health advocacy, Liz shares her journey and inspires others to confront their own storms, discover resilience within and find their way to Freedomville.

In the 125th episode of The HYBRID Author Podcast host Joanne Morrell, author of children’s and young adult fiction, women’s fiction and short non-fiction for authors chats to Liz about:

  • how she got a formal ADHD diagnosis later in life
  • her childhood trauma which lead to a mental health breakdown
  • writing as catharsis
  • Liz’s book, and tips for authors looking to share their ideas and experiences to help others.



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