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Actionable Strategies and Tips for Authors Marketing and Selling Books with Smart Author Media Book Marketing Expert Chris Benetti

Chris Benetti owns Smart Author® Media and is an expert in book marketing.

To date, he has helped his clients collectively generate over $20,000,000 in sales from their books and digital offers, and in 2023, Chris sold over 19,000 books for his clients.

Chris’ mission is to make marketing and selling books easy to understand for business owners by educating them on fundamental marketing strategies with a no BS approach.

In the 122nd episode of The HYBRID Author Podcast host Joanne Morrell, author of children’s and young adult fiction, women’s fiction and short non fiction for authors, chats to Chris about:

  • ways authors wrongly market and sell their books
  • identifying the target market for your book
  • converting readers into clients
  • actionable strategies authors can take to market and sell their books
  • AI tools creating book marketing assets
  • business book collboration and much more.


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