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An Almost Mid-year Mashup of Some of The Guests in 2024

To celebrate episode 128, here is an almost mid-year mashup of some of the first guests of The HYBRID Author Podcast in 2024, such as:

Episode 108 Atmosphere Press, Taking Charge of Your Destiny as a Creator, Ignore the Haters or Lower Your Standards? With Dr Nick Courtright

Episode 109 Making Money with Emotion With Award Winning Author of Speculative and Contemporary Fiction Zena Shapter

Episode 110 Mel Torrefranca on What Motivates Young Authors to Write

Episode 111 Will You or Won’t You AI? With Joanne Morrell

Episode 112 The Seven Figure Marketing Mindset for Novelists With Jody J Sperling

Episode 113 Writing Graphic Novels for Kids With Joel McKerrow

Episode 114 The Author Launchpad Helping Authors of Non-fiction Earn an Income From Their Books with Chris Trammell

Episode 115 How to Chair a Panel With Children’s Author and Award-winning Short Story Writer Nadia L King

Episode 116 Publishing to a Professional Standard with Publisher and Editor Bernadette Foley

Episdoe 117 Balancing Energy and Focus to Write a Full Manuscript While Raising a Family With Children’s Author Calum Greenall

Episode 118 Creative Freedom, The Ability to Create Without Barriers, The Fear of Judgment or Any Preconceived Ideas About The Creative Process and Artistic “Rules” With Joanne Morrell

Episode 119 Collaging a Hybrid Memoir Through Unearthing Stories Within Your Family with Award Winning Author and Playwright Zack Rogow


This episode is brought to you by Atmosphere Press, a hybrid publisher helping authors publish books their readers will love.



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