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Atmosphere Press, Taking Charge of Your Destiny as a Creator, Ignore the Haters or Lower Your Standards? With Dr Nick Courtright

Dr. Nick Courtright is Founder and Executive Editor of Atmosphere Press. Recently publishing it’s 1000th title, Atmosphere press, is a literary hybrid publisher, stewarding a team of 40 providing meaningful and rewarding experiences to writers.

Nick is also the author of the poetry collections The Forgotten World, Let There Be Light, and Punchline. His latest book, on poetry interpretation, is In Perfect Silence at the Stars: Walt Whitman and the Meaning of Poems. Nick’s writing has been featured in a plethora of literary magazines and he was recently named one of LA Weekly’s “15 Book Coaches to Watch.

In the 108th episode of The HYBRID Author podcast host Joanne Morrell, author of children’s and young adult fiction, women’s fiction and short non fiction for authors chats to Nick about:

  • what some of the ways creators can take charge of their own creative destiny’s are?
  • how creative’s might lower their standards to ignore the haters and how they might avoid falling into this trap
  • Nick’s advice for creatives to stay on track with their creative destiny throughout the length of their careers
  • Hybrid publishing with Atmosphere Press and much more.


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