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Merry Christmas Mashup of 2022 End of Year Guests

Snippets from 2022 past guests who have appeared on the podcast since September:

Episode 39 

Mariam El Houli On Why The Best Time to Chase Your Dreams is Right now

Episode 40 

So You Want to be a Writer ‘How to Get Started While You Still Have a Day Job’ With Allison Tait

Episode 41 

Amy Calautti on ‘How to Hire an Illustrator’

Episode 42

Helen Scheuerer on ‘How to Write a Successful Series’

Episode 43 

The Reluctant Book Marketer Jody J Sperling

Episode 44

Digital Lending Rights (DLR) Payments for Authors Wtih Joanne Morrell

Episode 45

Valerie Khoo on Building the Creative Business of Your Dreams

Episode 46 

Pauline Yates on ‘Writing Horror’

Episode 47

Peter Quarry on ‘Making Peace With the Past and Re-energeising for the Future’

Episode 49

Steven Herrick on Being a HYBRID Author of Cycling Travel Books for Adults and Children’s and Young Adult Fiction

Episode 50

‘Your Author Business Plan’ With Joanna Penn

Episode 51 

Katie Montinaro on ‘Writing Christmas Themed Rom Com’

Episode 52 

Annual Planning for Creatives With Orna Ross

Episode 53 

Making Decisions to Make Things Happen with Robyne Young

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