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An Almost Mid-year Mashup of 2023 Guests

To celebrate episode 75, here is an almost mid-year mashup of some of the first guests of The HYBRID Author Podcast in 2023, such as:

  • award winning children’s author Dianne Wolfer on ‘writing across genres’
  • proud sponsor of the HYBRID Author podcast (software) Plottr’s Education Lead Troy Lambert on ‘planning your books the way you think’
  • An Ly-Tampere on ‘setting up a writing coaching business to sustain your dreams as a writer’
  • ‘how the marketing power of a bestseller will take you from a best-kept secret to a go-to expert’ with Steve Kidd
  • ‘5 tips to help you prepare your print book for production through Ingram Spark’ with (me) Joanne Morrell
  • Natalie Normann on ‘writing Norwegian and contemporary romance’
  • Rachael Johns on ‘the romance writers of Australia (RWA)’
  • award winning children’s and young adult author Pip Harry on ‘hybrid writing styles’
  • ‘SWAP Marketing Without Money’ with Therese Tarlington
  • ‘you’ll make a wonderful parent, advice and encouragement for rainbow families of all kinds’ with ‘Jasper Peach
  • Hardie Grant Publisher Emily Hart on ‘Non fiction and gaps in the market’ and
  • ‘everything you need to know about hybrid publishing’ with P.L Stuart.


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