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A Merry Xmas Mashup of 2023 HYBRID Author Guests Since September

Merry Christmas when it comes! And to celebrate, here’s a mashup of 2023 guests of The HYBRID Author Podcast since September. This includes:

  • Episode 92 Preparing For Podcast Appearances with me Joanne Morrell
  • Episode 93 Tess Woods on The Little Red Street Library
  • Episode 94 Writing Authentic Historical Fiction with S. J. Butler
  • Episode 95 Workshopping in Libraries with Children’s Indie Author Kristy Nita Brown
  • Episode 96 Writing The Shadow With Non-fiction Award-nominated, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Thriller Author Joanna Penn
  • Episode 97 Picture Book Author Ky Garvey on Making Time to Write Being a Creative Carer to Children with Special Needs
  • Episode 98 Larrikin House Publishers Dani Vee and James Layton on Submissions and The HYBRID Business Model
  • Episode 99 Sarah Epstein ‘A Year in The Life of an Indie Author’
  • Episode 100 Lessons Learned Hitting 100 Episodes of The HYBRID Author Podcast!
  • Episode 101 Writing Through Difficult Times With Children’s Co-Author Lauren Hackney
  • Episode 102 Producing Indie Audiobooks For Kids with Julie Anne Grasso
  • Episode 103 An Almost Merry Xmas Mashup for 2023
  • Episode 104 Mental Health in Writers With Memoir Prose Poet Cynthia Marie Hoffman
  • Episode 105 From Manuscript to Bestseller: The Transformative Power of Professional Guidance’ With Author and Visionary Entrepreneur Andrea Putting


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