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Speaking at Writers Festivals with Award Winning Children’s Picture and Chapter Book Author and Illustrator Kylie Howarth

Kylie Howarth is an award-winning internationally published children’s book author and illustrator from Perth, Western Australia. She has appeared at Scribblers Festival, The Literature Centre Storytellers Festival, Margaret River’s Readers and Writers Festival, Awesome Arts Festival and the Asian Festival of Children’s Content in Singapore. 

In the 38th episode of the HYBRID Author podcast host Joanne Morrell, author of children’s and young adult fiction and short non fiction for authors, chats to Kylie on what to expect and how to get started speaking at writers festivals, as well as:

  • the various types of festivals out there
  • if festivals are invitation to authors only
  • what you provide and what festivals provide for you
  • what authors should take into consideration when quoting to appear at festivals
  • her tips for authors starting out speaking at festivals
  • time slots, workshops and much much more. 

Kylie Howarth’s ‘Koala’s Stole My Undies’ Book Launch

Scribblers Festival 2022 Kylie Howarth events

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