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Co-creating Picture Books with Family with Disha Patwardhan and Paridhi P Apte

Busy mums and sisters, Disha (writer) and Paridhi (Illustrator), co-created and independently published the picture book series The Adventures of Jacob and Charlie whilst living halfway around the world from one another.

Paridhi up skilled her animation abilities at NYFA (New York Film Academy) and has had a 10 year long career creating engaging e-learning modules with the use of colourful graphics combined with animation for multimedia companies. Although having majored in electrical engineering, Disha’s strong passion for reading and writing eventually led her to work as a journalist for local newspapers and as a content writer online.

In the 16th episode of the HYBRID Author podcast, host Joanne Morrell, children’s and young adult fiction writer and author of short non fiction for authors interviews this dynamic duo on their co-creating process across the miles. We talk about what the best and worst aspects of working with family are and the sisters share their tips on independently publishing high quality picture books. 

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