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Author Mentorships with Jodie Spiteri-James from The Australian Society of Authors

Jodie Spiteri-James has worked in Publishing in both fiction and non-fiction for over 25 years as a Sales Director and Managing Director. After becoming a coach and specialising in Professional Development, Jodie trained speakers by assisting them to hone their message and become a powerful voice. Jodie is now pleased her two worlds of publishing and professional development have collided at the Australian Society of Authors. 

In the 22nd episode of the HYBRID Author Podcast, host Joanne Morrell, children’s and young adult fiction writer and short non fiction for authors, interviews Jodie on 

  • what type of mentorships the ASA offer
  • who the professionals are that conduct these mentorships
  • what qualities the ASA look for in their recipients
  • how these mentorships help further an author’s career and at what stage an author should apply for them, as well as sharing general author mentorship tips, overall. 

We also discuss what countries have a Society of Authors, so you can look out for these mentorship opportunities in your place of origin, should you be listening outside of Australia.

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