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Author Fears and How to Overcome Them with Joanne Morrell

How many times have you said ‘your writing’s crap’ or shied away from calling yourself an author? 

How do authors cope with unsupportive people, being judged by others or having their work rejected by publishers? 

In this fifth episode of the HYBRID Author podcast, host Joanne Morrell, children’s and young adult fiction writer and author of short nonfiction for authors, turns the microphone on herself to share her personal experience of dealing with confidence fears such as being judged by others, craft fears in the form of being rejected and self doubt fears: wasting time in an unknown future. She touches upon physical fears in the way of continuing to chase your writerly dreams in the face of unsupportive people. 

Since starting to write your novel have you developed any of these author fears? Are you using them as reasons not to advance in your writing career? 

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